If you’re a seller in Cullman County thinking of selling your home or a buyer who wants another home and to sell the one you’ve got, then our new MoneyInMyCullmanHome online home value estimator sponsored by Doyle Real Estate is for you.

What does our site do for you? Well, we give you an instant idea of what you may be able to get for your home on the current market taking into consideration your specific neighborhood’s recent home value appreciation trends.

Whether you live in Cullman city, Vinemont, Holy Pond, Bremen, or any other surrounding area, we let you accurately estimate the value of your home. It works on any location in the area and you get results in just 5 seconds after entering your address.

Watch the quick video below to see how it works.

Buyers and Sellers Can Use It to Make Money

If you’re a seller, the hardest part of setting your home price is knowing how much you can get while still balancing the need for a quick sale. With most online estimators, what kind of appreciation sellers have been getting for the last 12 months is never taken into account. With our service, you and your agent can balance what a Comparative Market Analysis, or “CMA,” says with what sellers have been seeing in the market itself.

Why is this important? Well, it helps you see the upper end of your home price so you get more out of your sale. It’s a no-brainer.”

But it isn’t only sellers that can benefit. Are you in the market for a home? You can use our service to enter in the addresses of homes you’re looking at to tell if they’re overpriced or not. As well, if you’ve got your eye on a For Sale By Owner (FSBO) home or a home that’s not on the market but you’d like to approach the owners about buying, you simply enter the addresses and get an instant idea of what it would take to make the deal happen.

Try it today at www.moneyinmycullmanhome.com!

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MoneyInMyHome is a hyperlocal home value estimation service that uses accurate market and real estate data to give you a sense of what your home is really worth. We partner with only one expert real estate brokerage in your area to help you sell your home fast too!

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